About us

Liam Brannigan

Liam Brannigan did a PhD in physical oceanography at Oxford University along with postdocs at the National Oceanography Centre and the Meteorology Institute at Stockholm University. In recent years he has worked as Lead Data Scientist at Analytics Engines before founding his own company Rho-Signal to deliver data analysis consultancy and training.

Why are we doing these workshops?

Liam: while doing my phd I knew that I wasn’t very effective at doing data analysis but didn’t know where to start learning. During my postdoc in Sweden I began to learn about data science principles from twitter and attending meetups. This made a major difference to my research: when I had a good idea I was able to run my numerical experiments and analyse the outputs in a much more efficient way than during my phd.

I then left my research position to work as lead data scientist at a start-up called Analytics Engines. At Analytics Engines I learned a lot more about effective analysis from working in close collaboration with experienced software engineers. I realised that there were plenty of environmental scientists around that could benefit from this kind of training. In December 2021 I left my job to form my own company called Rho-Signal so that I could provide these workshops.

If you are interested in organising a full-day workshop at your institute please get in touch with Liam at braaannigan@protonmail.com.