Our overarching aim is to create a data analysis process that:

  • is adaptable to many projects and domains
  • allows you to produce analysis efficiently
  • gets the computer to do more of the work

Learning objectives

By the end of this workshop our objective is that you will be able to:

  • navigate and create a directory in the shell
  • set up generic data analysis projects
  • describe why virtual environments are useful
  • create and activate a virtual environment from a file
  • describe the use cases of key oceanographic analysis libraries
  • describe the relationship between the key oceanographic analysis libraries
  • aggregate your data using groupby operations
  • identify your next learning objective and how you will acheive it

High-level requirements

Attendees at the workshop will require:

  • computer with Linux/Windows/Mac OS
  • Zoom
  • Python installation via Miniforge (see following pages)
  • an interactive development environment (see following pages)