This video shows how to open a command prompt with mamba and check the installation.

Linux & MacOS

Is python working?

First check if python is working. Run python in the command line. You should get an output like this:


The key points are that:

  1. python works &
  2. it says “packaged by conda-forge”

Is mamba working?

Now check if we can create a virtual environment with mamba using the following command

mamba create -n seminar-test numpy

You should then get a mamba virtual environment creation process. Once the virtual environment is created you should see this:


Finally, you should try to create a virtual environment using the suggested command (note this is a conda command rather than a mamba command)

conda activate seminar-test

Contact me at if you have any issues. Let me know your operating system and add some screenshots of any errors you get.

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